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In our newsletter each month we highlight someone who inspires us! Here at Phocal, our motto is ‘Passion, Power, Purpose’ so we like to spotlight someone who is living life with those intentions. Here’s a sneak peak – read some of our spotlights, and subscribe to our newsletter for more!

This round of Passion, Power, & Purpose reminds us time and time again how resilient we are as humans. Born without arms, Jessica Cox still let nothing get in her way. She used her legs to become the first licensed armless pilot.
She’s also the first armless black belt in the American Taekwondo Association, like what?! Jessica: drives a car, types on a keyboard, pumps her own gas and puts on contact lenses all without prosthetic arms.
She also Scuba dives and has a Psychology degree from the University of Arizona. She inspires people across 20 countries by sharing her message of inspiration on stages. Jessica is a true inspiration to us all, her unbelievable strength and willpower is something we should all aim to have in our lives.
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Jessica Cox


Ruth Agbaji

Our first Passion, Power, & Purpose of 2022 is Ruth Agbaji, an absolute powerhouse of a woman. Born in Nigeria, Agbaji had minimal opportunity to succeed. We were struggling, she told Franchise Times, “You don’t have constant electricity. You have to walk for miles for water. You study by candlelight. And of course the unstable military conditions that make the region even more difficult to thrive in.”
Despite all of that, Agbaji was determined to succeed. After earning her BA in Electrical Engineering, Ruth received a scholarship to get her masters at Tuft’s University. A couple of jobs later (including a pretty prestigious one at Microsoft) Ruth knew she was destined for more, which is what led her to starting her own business. Agbaji is the founder of Code Wiz, award-winning afterschool centers that teach children and teens to explore their creative side and learn problem-solving through coding and robotics. We love seeing people who follow their dreams no matter what adversity stands in their way.
We hope 2022 is treating you so well!
Welcome to November’s Passion, Power, & Purpose! Each month we choose two people who embody our values of passion, power, and purpose. First up this month is Sam Holness!
Ironman competitions are often regarded as the pinnacle of many athletes’ sporting careers. These athletes will be pushed to their physical and mental limits by the arduous 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile cycle ride, and 13.1-mile run. Sam Holness, a 27-year-old triathlete, recently completed the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in St. George, Utah, and became the first person with autism to finish the race.
The British man prepared for over a year to prepare for this massive event, with the help of his father, Tony, who is also his coach. On race day, Holness, who has autistic spectrum disorder, had to deal with a slew of challenging external conditions that made the race much more difficult. Holness had to contend with rain, lightning, and a sandstorm on top of it all. Given the athlete’s autism, these situations could have produced additional sensory stress. Nonetheless, he finished in a time of 5 hours and 44 minutes. We think that’s pretty incredible! Thanks for reading along!

Sam Holness

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